Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

Released on August 4, 2019

for Piano

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In August of 2019, my wife and I visited friends who lived near Spokane, WA. During our visit, they took us on the Trail of the Coeur D'Alenes, a rails-to-trails bike route that leads to and around Lake Coeur D'Alenes in Idaho.

In addition to being a composer, I am also a photographer, so I was carrying my full-size Canon DSLR with me. For fun, I decided to try to see if I could film the bike ride while riding. I had no special bike mount for my camera—I just tried to hold it as steady as possible while not crashing into anything. I would up with about three minutes of video.

After removing all the wind noise from the result, I had a nice video (for an amateur, spur-of-the-moment decision), but the lack of any interesting sounds made it boring. As a composer, though, I was able to solve that problem and came up with my first soundtrack.

The original soundtrack was tightly tied to the video, but it had some features I didn't like. The music kept going through my head, though, so I re-worked it into its current form. Then I had to try to fit the new piece to existing video. With a few minor tweaks, it worked since the music had not changed drastically.

The piece can be enjoyed on its own, but it's fun to see it with the video.