Released on October 2, 2018

for Piano

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This piece began its life after I heard a fellow pianist perform a minimalist piano piece in May. A minimalist composition usually involves repeating small figures or motifs while incorporating small, gradual changes. Although this piece borrows some of the techniques of minimalism, at heart it is a romantic work (i.e. related to the Romantic style of classical music), which is where I think a lot of my music lies.

My wife and I had planned a trip to Iceland and I started composing this piece just before the trip. The initial sounds I created made me think of Iceland as I imagined it from my preparation for the trip. My visit to Iceland cemented the connection and I finished the composition with the wonderful landscapes of Iceland firmly in mind.

I am a photographer as well as a composer and my photographs of Iceland kept me busy over the summer. I decided to try to illustrate the connection between the music and the country by assembling a video that used my images as a background to the music.

I encourage you to first listen to the piece as an audio work. Imagine your own Iceland. Then listen again, this time watching the video, and note how the photographs change your perception of the piece. I always love hearing people's impressions of my works—let me know what you think.

The video is best viewed full-screen at 1080p resolution