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Fan Mail

Who doesn't enjoy fan mail? Write and let me know what you think of my music.


At this time, my music is available at no charge as long as it is for your private use. Write to me to get a copy. For orchestral and chamber pieces, you may distribute the parts to the other performers. Otherwise, do not copy or re-distrubute the music. If someone asks you for a copy, please direct them to me.

If you plan to perform one of my pieces at a venue where attendance is free and the musicians are not paid, the "fee" is:

  • A copy of the program, if any.
  • An audio or video recording of a performance or a rehearsal (this does not need to be a professional quality recording).

For all other situations, please write to me.


Interested in commissioning a piece? Write to me to begin a discussion. My rates are very reasonable.