I began writing classical music in the spring of 2015, when I was in my early 60s. As I write this, I've completed 17 pieces, most for chamber groups, although I have two pieces for orchestra. All my compositions are posted on this site; I invite you to take a few minutes to listen.

I write music that creates an emotional experience—I am not interested in purely intellectual exercises. I also try to write music that is complex and surprising. To me, this is what separates classical music from other genres. The best music rewards listeners with new insights each time they hear it.

And music is meant to be heard. I try to write music that musicians want to perform and that audiences want to hear. In the end, though, I have to write music for myself—there are very limited opportunities for getting one's works performed, particularly to large audiences. The people most willing to risk performing contemporary works by unknown composers are chamber music groups with smaller audiences. This explains why I write mostly duos and trios these days.

I have been fortunate to work with Portland Chamber Music; at this time, they have performed two of my compositions and will perform a third in Spring 2018. I hope to connect with other performance groups who are willing to tackle new works. Meanwhile, I continue writing and, through the magic of computers and the internet, I can deliver music directly to my fans.

If you are a musician who would like to perform one of my pieces, please write to me at composer@freixas.org. If you are a listener who enjoys my music, please share it with your friends.